Hey There!

I graduated in an online Zoom ceremony in Spring of 2020, sitting on the lawn of my university with four of my classmates. When I'm not auditioning or performing in the DC area, I can be found serving up scoops at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream or helping out in the Admissions Office at Green Acres School.


I was born and raised in the tiny state of Rhode Island where I grew up with a passionate love of theatre, reading, and telling terrible, terrible jokes. I moved to Washington, DC in Fall of 2016 to pursue my Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre from Catholic University. While continuing my education, I grew in my curiosity about the world, my understanding of my craft, and (somehow) my love of awful, awful, awful jokes.

Let's see...what else? I talk to dogs in public like they can understand me. I think the burnt part on the top of the mac and cheese is the best part. I have an obsession with grammar and punctuation. 

I look forward to finding out what's next on this adventure!

What's up on the 'Gram?