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Hi there, thanks for stopping by...

 I was born and raised in the tiny state of Rhode Island where I grew up with a passionate love of theatre, reading, and telling terrible, terrible jokes. I moved to Washington, DC in Fall of 2016 to pursue my Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre from Catholic University. 

I graduated in Spring of 2020, right into a little thing called COVID (Heard of it? It was pretty under the radar), which pushed me into administrative work for a small private school in North Bethesda. After a year with them, I went full time to embark on my teaching journey and became their drama teacher. Monday-Friday, you can find me being bullied by middle schoolers and teaching Zip Zap Zop to a new generation of performers.

I love working with performers, directors, and theatre companies who value the importance of personal connection and collaboratively telling stories from the everyday to the fantastical. 

When not performing or teaching, I drink a lot of coffee, watch Rupaul's Drag Race like it's a sport, and scroll on Tik Tok until I get the video telling me I should take a break.

I look forward to seeing what's next on this adventure! 

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