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Awards and Accolades

January 30, 2023

December 28, 2022

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Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy Really Reviews

Washington City Paper-October 24, 2022

Excerpt: "Marissa Liotta and Jolene Mafnas are delightful as Drusilla and Murilla, a pair of horny henchwomen who lurch around the stage and demonstrate that a codependent, mind-controlled vampiric relationship really isn’t all that different from a traditional marriage." 

Do You Feel Anger?Reviews

Maryland Theatre Guide-May 30, 2022

Excerpt: "Marissa Liotta’s portrayal of Eva was memorable for her ability to seem on the absolute edge of sanity while also demonstrating her gift for comic timing."  

MD Theatre Guide-October 25, 2022

Excerpt: Director Rebecca Rovezzi has assembled a cast that includes some of Washington’s most gifted actors. Ben Topa plays an eloquent and sophisticated Dracula, in stark contrast to his wives, Jolene Mafnas and Marissa Liotta, who simply could not have been creepier in their roles as the bloodthirsty undead.

DC Metro Theater Arts-October 19, 2022

Excerpt: "In Dracula’s lair are two animal-like creatures, the household help: Drusilla (a brain-blank Marissa Liotta) and Marilla (a truly ghoulish Jolene Mafnas). The lurid goings-on there are spookily rendered in shadow and sound."

DC Metro Theater Arts-May 31, 2022

Excerpt: "The level of humor at the beginning is enjoyably off-the-wall, thanks largely to Marissa Liotta’s utterly delightful performance as the scatterbrained Eva, the serial mugging victim...nervously shriek-giggling, fluttering about the stage, and constantly losing her runaway train of thought, Eva can barely keep it together. The character as played by this actor is so appealing that she could anchor her own play." 

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